The experience of Fedail Hospital dates back to 1992 when it opened Sudan Clinic, the first endoscopic oriented private clinic in Sudan, the first laparoscopic cholecystectomy in Sudan was performed in it .

Fedail Hospital is a newly established medical complex in Khartoum opened in June 2003 in the center of Khartoum downtown Hawdith Street as Fedail Medical Center and promoted to Fedail Hospital with 120 beds with a highly sophisticated medical tools, more than 50 specialist.

The hospital providing medical treatment for many international and local insurance companies through a special department in the hospital.

Fedail Hospital is a modern hospital located in the heart of Khartoum, with 50 specialized clinics, in-patients facilities, accident and emergency unit, modern theatres, intensive care unit and advanced diagnostic and therapeutic facilities.

It has four towers, 10 floors provided with 6 lifts, stand-by automatic generators and its own filtered water facility. The hospital is also fitted with central oxygen and suction system. It has a very modern kitchen, 24 hours Pharmacy services, high practice nurse of infection prevention and control department and dietitians.